France Insurance

Insurance system in France in some way different from other countries all over the world. Industry industry of France has at the top position. Insurance in France for you and your property is compulsory. When you are renting in a house, you are required by law to take multi risk insurance policy. This policy will cover water damages, fire and smoke damages, burglary, natural disasters, limited legal assistance etc. When you are living in France, then automobile insurance coverage is an important part of a driver. According to law, you should require auto liability insurance for damage and injury.

The Third party liability insurance will protects you against the cost of property damage and bodily injury causing during an accident. Once you are insured, you will get a proof of insurance certificate which is required when driving throughout in France, Europe and neighboring countries. Collision and comprehensive insurance offer extensive coverage for collision and accidental damage to your vehicle due to fire, theft or so many reasons.

First party coverage protects your vehicle. If driver suffer from bodily injury during an accident, then Driver's Personal Protection coverage covers all those particular situations. Aon assistance provide road side assistance when you are traveling in France and medical assistance while you are traveling outside of the France. If you are a resident of France, you can then join the French public health insurance system. About 90% of French households are covered by Public Health Insurance system. Health Insurance Premiums will be debited automatically from your monthly income. Comprehensive Health Insurance in France provides coverage for all health care facilities like Hospitalization, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, Dental and Optical cover and emergency healthcare. There is a special insurance for school children in France known as Assurance Scolaire.

This insurance is highly recommended by ministry of education for children in most schools. Without this insurance, student will be denied from all extra curricular activities. The school children insurance in France includes two main coverage one of them is Third Party Liability coverage which covers all expenses if your child causes an accidental injury to another child. The second coverage of your child provides a Help Line for educational assistant if your injured child is unable to attend the class due to accident. If any person in France suffer from a physical and emotional attack in an accident and it can also have serious and financial effects on you or your family, then Personal Accident Insurance provide protection.

You should not risk traveling without insurance in France. You can buy policies from any company and get the best deal. Always buy travel insurance plan directly from a specialist rather through an agent and check all levels of access in policy. Travel insurance should be covered for medical expenses, personal liability, cancellation and curtailment of the trip. AIG travel insurance in France can provide important coverage for your trip. All these plans offer valuable medical coverage, medical emergency assistance and all treatment services Major life Insurance companies of France according to their gross premium value are BNP Insurance, CNP Insurance, AFG Insurance, ACM Insurance, and AVIVA Insurance.

Some non-life Insurance companies are AXA insurance, MACIF insurance, Generali insurance, MAAF insurance or ACIVI insurance. It is very easy to buy travel insurance France from any company as soon as you book your trip.. Vehicle insurance policies in France are either Third Party or Comprehensive insurance. Whenever you drive your car or any automobile, then you are legally required to carry all insurance related documents band registration papers. According to French law, every person should acquire Civil Liability policy which covers any accidental damages you cause to another person or their property. According to senior research analyst for European IT, it is recommended that French insurance industry is the third largest in Europe. France insurance industry offers a wide choice of insurance companies and policies to choose and these major companies called Assurance in French which cover all needs of a person.